Frisbee is a really new sport for Cambodia. It is a sport that women and men play together at the same. Frisbee is a sport that I start to play again in 2018, I used to play this sport before but I quit. I got a lot of opportunities with this sport to join frisbee events in Cambodia. On September 20th, Mekong Cup Tournament happened in Cambodia. I have a chance to join the competition and play for my school team. I learned, met a lot of new amazing people and gains a lot of experience for it. I am currently playing in a frisbee league in Cambodia. It happens twice every month on Sunday. Since frisbee is a new sport in Cambodia, every time I talked to my family and friend about this sport they have no idea what I am talking about and it is hard to explain to them, some people would understand and some would not. I find frisbee fun and a great for me to meet new people and gain a lot of experience with it.


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