Physics 2017-2018

In October 2017, I had a class of physic. I learn about different forces in an object like a force of normal, the force of gravity, apply force and many more forces. I also get to learn about kinematic equations:

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Furthermore, I learned about static friction and kinetic friction.

In class, I did an experiment with an object about kinetic friction.


Material Trial 1 degrees Trial 2


Trial 3






Coefficient of static friction
Wood 20° 23° 31° 74° 24.67° 0.46°
Sand Paper #1 51° 51° 57° 159° 53° 1.33°
Sand Paper #2 45° 45° 53° 143° 46.67° 1.06°
Sand Paper #3 45° 41° 41° 127° 42.33° 0.91°
Sand Paper #4 42° 51° 51° 144° 48° 1.11°
Sand Paper #5 51° 42° 51° 144° 48° 1.11°


Here what we analyzed:

Our hypothesis before doing this experiment we thought that sandpaper # 4 and #5 will have the same angle because it is the same type of sandpaper. We also thought that the board itself has less friction so the angle for the object to start moving might be less than the other, like sandpaper. So the rougher the sandpaper is, the more friction force there will be since it’s going to have a bigger angle and takes more force to be able to move the object. So, sandpaper #4 and #5 will have the most friction and needs angle than the wood and sandpaper #1, #2 and #3 because since their roughness is less the #4 and #5.

Based on the experiment, the max average angle was 53 degrees and from that, the biggest minimum angle to make the object slide down is 1.33. The average coefficient of static friction is 0.997. Therefore, the average angle is 43.78.

The real thing might affect the data are: the measurement of the angle is not accurate, the speed that we pushed the board to go up, some sandpaper is not correctly stuck placed board(it was kind of curve surface not flat), we keep the board moving, we didn’t place the object at the same place every time, the shakiness of our hand pushing the board, we only measure when the object is moving we didn’t know exactly when it started to move and we started in different angle most of the time.

Literacy 2017-2018


In August 2017, I had a class with Literacy. In this class so far I learned many from it. I learned to edit our own paper better, write an essay, write a good introduction, a good hook, use higher vocabulary, to shorten something but still means the same way, use transition word and much more that I can’t even write it all down. This class we had a project that learns to write a “coming of age” essay. In this project we write a true experience that happened in our lives and change our lives, that is the becoming of age essay.

Here is some part of my essay:
On September 15, 2007, I was sleeping near my mother, suddenly I heard the sound of sadness, heartbroken, and everyone was crying. I immediately thought of my grandpa because I knew that he was very sick. I never thought he would pass away and left me all the sadness with me. I felt so sad and felt like there was no hope in life. I will never forget the memories and what he has taught me.

Entrepreneurship round 2 Chilisuace

-Rathanak Sovann
In our class we want to learn about business and we found out that the best way to learn about business is to start a business. We try to learn many thing to create business we learn the steps to create business. While we learn about business we also make a business about chili sauce. We divide our team into three team. Production/Budget, Market/research, Marketing/Advertising. I am working on Production/Budget team. We try to find a way to save our school money. We has an ideas to grow our own chili, but it not work because of the time. We make our chili sauce five times already. I learn many time in this project. Also many thing about business plan.

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