Literacy Class Round 2

In the class, we learned how to write a formal email resume. I receive tips and how to write a formal email and I found it will help throw out my life a lot. With a lesson, I can tell that I have improved so much in writing an email to other people. In class, I also draft my first resume as the class assignment. It’s a little challenging for me because I don’t really have a clear plan on what I want in the resume. I just added general skill/experiences I have.

Here is my first draft of my resume:


In the class, we started Pre-Calculus. We also did a lot of Khanacademy. We learned function, complex numbers, polynomials, rational relationships…. In the process of learning those subjects I struggled with polynomials, I spend a lot of time doing and learning about it. I got help my friends and videos from Khan Academy. Eventually, I understand and master the section. Some section is harder than others and some I need to spend a lot of time of it. We also learned different units in a book of “Precalculus 6e”. In the book, we learned about function and graphing them. By the end of round 2 of Math, we end at unit 3.7.

Pharma Lab

In the class, we did a lab of Pharma. In this lab, we explored some of the characteristics of over-the-counter medicines (pharmaceuticals) by making observations, collecting data, and comparing results. In this lab solutes, substances are Aspirin, Tylenol, Alka-Seltzer, and Tums and solvent substances are oil, water, ethanol, and iodine.  

Chemistry(Flame Lab)

In chemistry class, we studied basic Chemistry and we did some experiments in the class as well. One of the labs that we did was a flame lab. The objective of the lab is “To observe the relationship between various elements and their emission spectrum” We had the different compound of elements and we burn it in the flame. We observer and there some color when we burn each compound. The compound of the lab was Barium, Calcium, Copper, Lithium, Potassium, Strontium and the Unknown. We had the unknown there because our teacher wants us to figure out what it is.

Here is the data that I got from the lab I did:

I also had discussion questions and conclusion as well but, this is only the data of the color.



Color of Flame (qualitative)

Wavelengths of light (in NM) (quantitative)

Barium Chloride Yellow 570
Calcium Chloride Orange 610
Copper (II) Chloride Green 612
Lithium Chloride Red 586
Potassium Chloride Light red 630
Strontium Chloride Pink, Red 589


Light red 630



Khmer Poems Book

In Khmer class, we learned a lot to do research mainly. We did research and wrote a book about poems. In the book, it talks about different types of Khmer poems Khmer the history of it. All the poems written in the book are all from students. The book was designed by students and everything is written by students with the help of our Khmer teacher checking. The students combine their poem that they wrote while they are learning about it. I got two poems that feature in the book.

Here is one of my poems:



អង្គុយសំកុកលើកៅអី                        លួចមើលអូនស្រីពេលញាំុបាយ

លួចនឹកលួចគិតបានថែកាយ        ជារឿងសោកស្ដាយដែលមិនបាន។


វង្សភក្រ្ត័រូបស្រីស្រស់ត្រចង់                មុខមូលក្រឡង់ដូចកង់ឡាន

អង្គុយសំកុកនៅនឹកស្មាន                បានរូបកល្យាណមកនែបនិត្រ។


ស្រមើស្រមៃឃើញតែស្រី                      ញាប់ញ័រហរទ័យរំភើបចិត្ត

ចង់ស្និទ្ធចង់ស្នាលចង់នៅជិត           ចង់បានវរមិត្តថ្នាក់ថ្នមកាយ។


លង់ស្នេហ៍ស្រីដកចិត្តមិនបាន         ស្ម័គ្រថែកល្យាណពំុសោកស្ដាយ

ឌឺដងសម្ដីពាក្យលេបខាយ                 ស្នេហ៏តែឆោមឆាយគ្មានថ្មីឡើយ។


គិតហើយគិតទៀតចង់សួរស្រី           ក្រែងស្រស់ពិសីមានគេហើយ

អង្គុយសំកុកចាំចម្លើយ                      ចាំដោយបេះដូងលោតដុកដាក់។


ចាំស្រីយូរហើយមិនវាចា                      ឬស្រីគិតថាខុសវណ្ណ:

ទើបដឹងថាស្រីជាចម្លាក់                   ដែលគេបានឆ្លាក់សម្រាប់តាំង។

Practice for SAT in Math Class

In math class, we have done so much of SAT practice for our upcoming test. We mainly focus on math because it is the math class. We use Khanacademy as our main resources to practice. We have our independent time to figure out and try to improve on different sections that we struggle as an individual. If we have any questions, our math teacher is there for us. In the class, we also went over some additional topics in math that might show up in the SAT test like Circle Theorem, Angle Arc Length, trigonometry and more.  

Here is some of the practice of mine form Khanacademy:

My Khmer New Year Inspired Creative Writing

The time has come. Bob has been waiting for this moment for an entire year, its Khmer New Year. He joined a competition to buffalo race. The race started with many people that are attending and there are so many people are watching. Bob is a defending champion from the year. The race is about to start and his buffalo ran away from him. That buffalo ran so fast in a forest. Bob was so worried about his buffalo and about the race, he went in the forest and after 15 minutes he came back from the forest with no buffalo. The race started in 3 minutes, and he said down with his head down like he is giving up on finding his buffalo and about to cancel his race. Suddenly a pair of buffalo came out of the forest, and one of them is Bob’s buffalo. The buffalo ran into the forest because he saw his wife from far away, and haven’t met each other for 5 years since Bob bought his buffalo. Bob and his buffalo was so happy and had the courage to race. The race started and Bob buffalo was so fast that none of other can even compete. Bob won again this year with his buffalo in the year of 2018.


This story was inspired by a guy that dresses up in a funny looking, who join a race with his buffalo. He seems like a cool an interesting guy, he made everyone smiles and made the race more interesting and fun.

Why Cambodian girls can’t play football?

In Literacy class I wrote an article talking about Gender problem that still happens in Cambodia. 


WHY can’t girls play football?


A Cambodian mother once said, “girls can’t play football because they are weak, and football is not for girls.” Cambodian girls can’t play football is known from their society, community, and family. A lot of parents in Cambodia won’t allow their daughters to play a sport such as a football, even though it is currently popular in Cambodia. Even though the thought of that perspective; girls can’t play football, had changed over time. In the present time, there are still a lot of families that are not allowing their daughters to play football.


Cambodia society sees girls are weaker than boys so there are no reasons of girls playing football. Parents would say, because they love their daughters that is why they won’t allow girls to play football. They think that football is a dangerous sport and they don’t want girls to get hurt. Another reason is that Cambodian have this mindset of girls should stay home and do all the cooking so girls don’t have time to play football. Also, they don’t want their daughter to be a black sheep because no girls play football The mindset of,  “football is NOT a game for girls” still happen in Cambodia.


Savannu Pich stated, “My parent won’t allow me to play football because they think I am too weak to even play football, girls should stay at home to do chore so they can’t go out and play football and girls have no potential to play football well as boys.”


Sreyneang Oun said, “ The reason that my parents won’t allow her to play football is that football is not famous so there is no point of play sport that is not known by some people.”


Dalin Sao stated, “My parents won’t allow me to play football because football can cause injury which might affect my look, and I might get bullied by other people when I am not good at play football. ”


Around 10 years before this, Cambodian girls here are not allowed to walk and make loud sounds because if their neighbors hear it, they would think that, Cambodian girls are not a Cambodian girls that the society wanted. This is also parts of the reasons that parents in Cambodia are not allowing their daughters to play football.


In the last 10 years, some girls are not allowed to play football because of the action of boys in the society. Parents think that boys who play football usually do poorly in school that is why they don’t want girls to do the same. Also, the parents think that if they have a football team they would turn into a gang that no one wants those girls to be.  


All those perspective by Cambodian parents, “girls are not allowed to play football” is still happening in Cambodia currently. Parents do that because their perspective on this sport is that it is dangerous and girls should play it.

“Statue” Khmer Poem

I wrote this poem in Khmer class. 


អង្គុយសំកុកលើកៅអី                                លួចមើលអូនស្រីពេលញ៉ាមបាយ

លួចនឹកលយចគិតបានថែកាយ            ជារឿងសោកស្ដាយដែលមិនបាន។

វង្សភ័គ្គរូបស្រីស្រល់ត្រចង់                         មុចមូលក្រឡុងដូចកង់ឡាន

អង្គុយសំកុកនៅនឹកស្មាន                       បានរូមកលយានមកណែណិត។

ស្រមោលស្រមៃឃើញតែស្រី                      ញើបញ័រហរទ័យរំភើបចិត្ត

ចង់ស្និតចង់ស្នាលចង់នៅជិត                ចង់បានវមិត្តថ្នាក់ថ្នមកាយ។

លុងស្នេហ៍ស្រីដកចិត្តមិនបាន               ស្ម័គ្រថែនល្យានពំុសោកស្ដាយ

ឌឺដងសម្ដីពាក្យលេបខាយ                      ស្នេហ៏តែឆោមឆាយគ្មានថ្មីឡើយ។

គិតហើយគិតទៀតចង់សួរស្រី                ក្រែងស្រស់ពីសីមានគេហើយ

អង្គុយសំកុកចាំចម្លើយ                          ចាំដោយបេះដូងលោតដុកដាក់។

ចាំស្រីយូរហើយមិនវាចា                           ឬស្រីគិតថាខុសវណ្ណ:

ទើបដឹងថាស្រីជាចម្លាក់                          ដែលគេបានច្លាកសម្រាប់តាំង។


Working with Khmer Sight Foundation

On November 2017, I participate in an event with Khmer Sight Foundation. Khmer foundation is an organization that goes around Cambodia to help old people who have a problem with their eyes. The event was in Prek They. What I did in the event are helping Khmer Sight Foundation organization to help test the vision for everyone went to the have their check. I worked with new people that I never talk and never meet before it was hard. I am with my partners was calling out numbers for eyes checking, we told the people who want their eyes check to follow our instructions, but it hard to work with some of them because some of them can’t hear very well and some just didn’t really listen to what we said. I get to learn more skill like talking to old people and make them feel comfortable to work with us so it makes the process easier. I learned to read some complicate numbers that used to check our eye. To see how many people were there, it was so amazing to see how I can help Cambodian people. In general, it was a really great experience to help and learn new skills in life.