In the animation class, I did research about animation and have been trying different software for animation. I am also have been doing a lot of drawing as well. As a team, we are learning together and trying to different projects do. Since I less experience in animation my teammates have been helping a lot. I am currently trying to use Opentoonz. 

Engineering Stand Round 2

In class, we had to come up with problem and solutions to help solve. I got a team 4 members, and our project is “Reducing traffic in Phnom Penh”. We brainstorm and did a lot of research to come up with different ideas to reduce traffic in Phnom Penh. We interview people who traveled everyday in the city to see what they think cause the traffic and how long and ideas that might help toward the problem. So we came up ideas and evaluating alternatives.

Speech and Debate

In September 2017, I had a great opportunity to learn and improve my speech and debate skill. I learned different ways to persuade, to be a better speaker, to be brave and take my time. So in this expertise I and the group had to debate on many topics like, “to eat or not eat meat?”, “should death penalty allowed in countries?” and “should Liger’s students bring their phone on the overnight field trip? ”. It was a really fun time learning a new skill that needed in the future.