In the class, we started Pre-Calculus. We also did a lot of Khanacademy. We learned function, complex numbers, polynomials, rational relationships…. In the process of learning those subjects I struggled with polynomials, I spend a lot of time doing and learning about it. I got help my friends and videos from Khan Academy. Eventually, I understand and master the section. Some section is harder than others and some I need to spend a lot of time of it. We also learned different units in a book of “Precalculus 6e”. In the book, we learned about function and graphing them. By the end of round 2 of Math, we end at unit 3.7.

Math(Statistic) 2017-2018

In August 2017, I started a class of SAT Prep. This class teaches by Jeff, we basically preparing for SAT test. I didn’t a pretest of the SAT in Khanacademy. This class hard and stressful that is why we try to prepare for the actual test. It is the hardest math class I ever have taken throw out my life and this is a college class plus it a second language for me so the vocabulary is super hard to understand. So in this class, I learned to read and analyze different types of a graph like bar-graph, histogram, stemplot and scatter plot.


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Currently, I am learning about correlation and regression line to analyze the data and the relationship between two variables in a data. Also, I am learning about the prediction line and the real outcome of the data.