Internship, EnergyLab

EnergyLab works to support the growth of the clean energy market in Cambodia; for two months, I designed a competition for the 2019 Clean Energy Week in Cambodia that was open for all Cambodian students to join. The competition designed into three categories; Clean Energy Awareness, Clean Energy Usage, and Clean Energy Change. Students created a product at which it could be videos, posters or artworks. I also created 6 career profile videos of professionals in the field of Clean Energy to inspire students to be a part of it.

Solar Lamp Volunteer, Master Trainer

I was selected by the Embassy of India to be one of the 20 Cambodian national Master Trainers to demonstrate and facilitate the construction of 500 solar lamps by public school students.  This was an event in honor of the 150th day of the birth of Gandhi. I passed a 20-hour online course required by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. He was trained not only to construct the solar lamp but to explain general renewable energy, solar energy, socio-inequities, and the “right to light”.


E-Commerce is a project that is creating a website to share Liger’s cookbook. We are learning and figuring things out together because we haven’t had a lot of experience in website designing. This cookbook was created by Liger’s students which include both Khmer and foreign food. Since we have to cook our own food as we moved to senior year, we need the cookbook to guild guy us to cook our own breakfast and dinner. We want to share as well as giving it a gift. In our website, we will receive any donation and give the gift of the cookbook. 100% of the donation will go to further the student’s education and they pursue their passion. 


Animation Update

The animation is a project we learned about and how to animate simple animation. We got an opportunity to practice our animation with an organization name Nature Discovery Center. The organization asked us to animate a short animation film about evolution in Khmer. Which as our tasks, we don’t think we had enough experiences in animating short video yet. So, we decided to visit Phare Ponleu Selpak- a school that focuses on art toward students that want to pursue it as a career. We talked to students and teachers at the school, we gain a lot of new knowledge and experience in animating.  Now we are in the process of create the short video.

This is an artwork that I’ve done: 


A mile in someone’s shoe

In Literacy class, we were assigned to do research about a different group of people and write about them. I choose Latin Americans. We had to understand what the group had been through and how they feel. We basically write about them and want people to show empathy toward them. A mile in someone’s shoe is the focus of our writing.

A mile in someone’s shoe means that you try to put yourself in someone emotion or situation. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the emotion of another. Empathy is important because everyone needs to understand other people situation and be respectful with it and help if we can. I’ve been reading and researching about the Latin Americans and had gained some knowledge about this group, identity, diversity, and action that can help Latin Americans.

   Latin Americans, the counties below the United State with the population over 625 million. They speak Spanish or Portuguese as their languages. Latin Americans mostly are brown with dark hair color. They the largest minority in the USA right now. They have their own individual culture as well as history.  This individual identified themselves as people paid less attention to them, victims but the community is growing for the better. A Latin Americans family struggle and went throw a taught time in their life because a brother is the family were shot by police and died. The police claimed that because the brother didn’t follow the order and moved his arm in a threatening manner. The family did a protest toward the death of their family member but, it seems to get no attention from anyone nor the country so they felt like people paid less attention to them as Latin Americans. A high population of Latin Americans is moving to United State. The projected population of Latin Americans in the United by the end of 2050 would approximately be over 132 million and near 10 million of them are Immigration living in United State in the year 2010. Those people considered themselves as helpless because they have no choice than to move to enter the US illegally for a better life.

   With that mindset with the Latin Americans, they are growing larger and wealthier. Latin Americans are the largest ethnic group in California. Even though the average income Latin Americans are lower than average White Americans, but their income and education is increasing tremendously by 3.5% and up to $41,000 a year. Even 1 out 5 households earn at least $100,000 a year. With less attention that they think they are receiving from other people and still become better this quick is impressive. There around 30% or Latin Americans are Immigrants they had overcome doubting the to item college degree. With the success this particular group is achieving, they still feel like they left out from form other people. For Immigrants are currently in the United State, they still feel scared and worried that they might get deported anytime now especially with Donald Trump as the US president.

With all the success and achievement that Latin Americans achieved, they still feel pressure in living because mainly of fear that they might get deported anytime.  That leads to limiting their opportunities. Latin Americans scared to take different opportunities that occurred in their life because if something went wrong people will know that they are Latin Americans. Even students in Fresno that are Mexican studying with worried about their life especially with Trump as the United State president. There are a lot of students that their parents don’t support Trump in the school. Some students even wonder that if their parent got deported to their country back, will they go with their parent to stay in United State alone, That causes more worried to students as well as their parents. Logan, a 9-years-old third-grade student. He loves Trump. He had been to see Trump speech and received Trump’s red hat that was signed by Trump himself. Logan loves the hat and wears it to school every day. With the Trump red hat on his head to school every day, the teacher made a rule of not allowing hat in class. Logan still wears it before and class end. A lot of students and teacher weren’t really the idea of Logan wear Trump’s red hat. Logan got bullied and one of the teachers made a comment that is dangerous to wear Trump red hat in the school. Due to the fact of a lot of Mexican students in the school and the fear of Trump winning the election they don’t like people who support Trump and can potentially get them deported from the country.

   This is an issue that is causing on Latin Americans. Living in their condition is hard especially those who live in America illegally. They don’t really consider as American even though they are Americain. People should give value and make them feel comfortable living. Everyone should study and get to know more about Latin Americans so they can put themselves in their shoe to see what those people been through and their daily life.”


Frisbee is a really new sport for Cambodia. It is a sport that women and men play together at the same. Frisbee is a sport that I start to play again in 2018, I used to play this sport before but I quit. I got a lot of opportunities with this sport to join frisbee events in Cambodia. On September 20th, Mekong Cup Tournament happened in Cambodia. I have a chance to join the competition and play for my school team. I learned, met a lot of new amazing people and gains a lot of experience for it. I am currently playing in a frisbee league in Cambodia. It happens twice every month on Sunday. Since frisbee is a new sport in Cambodia, every time I talked to my family and friend about this sport they have no idea what I am talking about and it is hard to explain to them, some people would understand and some would not. I find frisbee fun and a great for me to meet new people and gain a lot of experience with it.


Aquaponic Update (3)

Aquaponic is a project working to build an aquaponic system for our school. Aquaponics is a system that feeds fish and uses their waste for nutrients to grow plants. The system need only roughly 10 percent of the water that needs with soil-based agriculture methods. So aquaponic is a system save water while can produce the same amount of food as soil-based agriculture methods and we can raise fish while doing that also. So far we are working on building the systems. We are in a good position in term of the speed we want the system to be running. We have been halfway throw the building process. Now, we are starting to make a list of thing we need in order to complete the system.

Critical Teen Issues Round 2

Critical Teen Issues is a year-long project that talks about issues that teen are facing. The first round of the project we mainly focus on the relationship between friends, family, and partner. We discussed those topics with our classmates and learned more about each other as well as how to make those relationships healthy with your friends, family, and partner. This is the second round of the project. We focus on a decision about consent. We lead a workshop with both our seniors and juniors students about the topics we talked about in class. It was our first workshop and it turns out really. In the workshop, we had different sections and one of it is to show a video about consent.

Aquaponic System Round 2

Aquaponic is a project that working to build an Aquaponic for our school. This is a year and we haven’t really done much. Aquaponics is a system that feeds fish and uses their waste for nutrients to grow plants. The system need only roughly 10 percent of the water that needs with soil-based agriculture methods. So Aquaponic is a system save water while can produce the same amount of food as soil-based agriculture methods and we can raise fish while doing that also. Now we had been designing the system that potentially builds the school. As a team we are discussing the design and trying to make it as cheap as we can. We had been on field trips for other Aquaponic systems in Cambodia and collect for information.  



In the animation class, I did research about animation and have been trying different software for animation. I am also have been doing a lot of drawing as well. As a team, we are learning together and trying to different projects do. Since I less experience in animation my teammates have been helping a lot. I am currently trying to use Opentoonz.