Changing Cambodia 2016-2017

Years went by, As this turned into my senior year, I got more responsibilities in life. I had to cook, live independently and more works. This year, most of my projects that I’ve done made me become a change agent myself. The three projects that made me become a change agent in my country are Preventative health, Game Design, and Change Agents. In those three projects, I helped people in different communities in Cambodia as well as helping myself. As a change agent myself sharing the information that I had learned to help people around it Cambodia it is my honor.


Preventative health is one of the projects that made me become a change agent in the year the of 2016-2017. This is the project that I learned how to keep yourself healthier. I learned a lot from this project about health and how important is it to take care our health. After we learned about those health problems and the solutions to prevent from it, We wanted to share this information with families in Cambodia especially the rural area. Many families in rural Cambodia did not have a high education about health problems that they’re facing. So in this project, my group went out to an island called Koh Rong. This island is one of the farthest islands from the shore, The students on the island did not have a high education on health. So, my group formed a play and presentation on the health problem that they need to be aware of. We went to two different schools to share all the information about health problems to help them help their family, community and most importantly is themselves. As my experience, not many people in Cambodia knows about the health problem or how to prevent from those problems. In my villages, I asked many people, and not most of them know about all the effects of the different disease. My team hoped that that information would help them in their lives and helped other people too.


Game Design is a project that my group created a board game. This board game is special from the other board game, the board game mainly focus on Cambodia curriculum. What this board game does is it helps students in Cambodia to learn different ways from usual, but we’re not trying to change how the whole curriculum system. So, this board game it about solving Climate Change Problem, building solutions in Cambodia to reduce CO2 in Cambodia is the way to win the game. To build solutions, players need to answer questions from their curriculum to earn points to build the solutions to help Cambodia reduce CO2. This game basically helps students to review their lessons, makes new friends, release stress from just sitting down and listen to teacher speaks. Most of the government schools in Cambodia, students sat down and listen to the teacher and took notes the hold time and it keeps of stressful and might get bored out of that. We went to a school in Phnom Penh and most of the students seem like they are enjoying this board game that Liger students created it. It seems like board game is new to Cambodian students so it should be a interesting and new experience for the students. We hope students in Cambodia learn new experience from the game and make the game fun and learn at the same time. So this board game design is to help students so much that the next group would produce this board game to 100 schools in Cambodia.  


Change agent is one of the explorations that helps inspired Cambodian people especially the young people of the country become a change agent in Cambodia. In this project my group and I learned about change agent and it inspires me to be a change agent in my community as well as my country. We did a research about different changemaker around the world including Cambodia. After the research, we tried to get the contact from those changemakers and wrote an email to them to ask for permission to interview. Some of those change agents allow us to interview and some are not. I interviewed this cool guy name Peter Dilworth is one of the co-founders of 3Doodler. Peter Dilworth is a change agent that inspired me to become a change agent in my country. I learned a lot from his advised after the interview. His advice is so powerful that inspired a lot of people to become a change agent. This are some of his advices, never give up, do what you passionate about, don’t be scared of failing and more. After all of that, We made a Youtube Channel (Change Agent) and Facebook page (Cambodia Change agent), that had all the interviews with many change agents around the world including Cambodia. All those videos had khmer subtitles on it because our target is Cambodian students and try to inspire them. We shared it on Facebook and Youtube because we found out that most of Cambodian students use Facebook and Youtube. This project goal is to share some advice from many change agents around the world to the world especially Cambodian people and students.


The year of 2016-2017, as I grow older and become senior I had more responsibilities with works. This year I had to cook food, live independently and more works. I had to cook and clean in my apartment with 6 students including me, we had to order our food and make the menu for it too. I had to live independently with my 6 apartment mates. Also, I got more works like homework and house works. Furthermore, I had three projects that made me become an agency in my country. Those three projects are  Preventative health, Game Design, and Change Agents. Through those project, I learned lots of information that helped my life that spread that information to Cambodian people and students. Sharing information that I learned my from projects is helping Cambodian students and to inspire them to become an agency in the country helping those people who really need help.


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