International Labor Organization Collaboration

In this class, we are working closely with the International Labor Organization(ILO) to help implement soft skill training in Cambodia.  So soft skill is the skill that required to interact effectively with other people, for example, Leadership, Teamwork, Communication. The training module that we working on Leadership. The module encourages participants to reflect on the different type of Leadership Skills that required to be a good leader. They get to discuss Leadership in different context base on experiences and perspective. We lead the training a facilitator not teacher. We are there for questions or participants have any question about the module. The training was implemented first to Liger juniors students.

I also made a poster for the module.

Here is the poster for Leadership:

Chemistry(Flame Lab)

In chemistry class, we studied basic Chemistry and we did some experiments in the class as well. One of the labs that we did was a flame lab. The objective of the lab is “To observe the relationship between various elements and their emission spectrum” We had the different compound of elements and we burn it in the flame. We observer and there some color when we burn each compound. The compound of the lab was Barium, Calcium, Copper, Lithium, Potassium, Strontium and the Unknown. We had the unknown there because our teacher wants us to figure out what it is.

Here is the data that I got from the lab I did:

I also had discussion questions and conclusion as well but, this is only the data of the color.



Color of Flame (qualitative)

Wavelengths of light (in NM) (quantitative)

Barium Chloride Yellow 570
Calcium Chloride Orange 610
Copper (II) Chloride Green 612
Lithium Chloride Red 586
Potassium Chloride Light red 630
Strontium Chloride Pink, Red 589


Light red 630



Khmer Poems Book

In Khmer class, we learned a lot to do research mainly. We did research and wrote a book about poems. In the book, it talks about different types of Khmer poems Khmer the history of it. All the poems written in the book are all from students. The book was designed by students and everything is written by students with the help of our Khmer teacher checking. The students combine their poem that they wrote while they are learning about it. I got two poems that feature in the book.

Here is one of my poems:



អង្គុយសំកុកលើកៅអី                        លួចមើលអូនស្រីពេលញាំុបាយ

លួចនឹកលួចគិតបានថែកាយ        ជារឿងសោកស្ដាយដែលមិនបាន។


វង្សភក្រ្ត័រូបស្រីស្រស់ត្រចង់                មុខមូលក្រឡង់ដូចកង់ឡាន

អង្គុយសំកុកនៅនឹកស្មាន                បានរូបកល្យាណមកនែបនិត្រ។


ស្រមើស្រមៃឃើញតែស្រី                      ញាប់ញ័រហរទ័យរំភើបចិត្ត

ចង់ស្និទ្ធចង់ស្នាលចង់នៅជិត           ចង់បានវរមិត្តថ្នាក់ថ្នមកាយ។


លង់ស្នេហ៍ស្រីដកចិត្តមិនបាន         ស្ម័គ្រថែកល្យាណពំុសោកស្ដាយ

ឌឺដងសម្ដីពាក្យលេបខាយ                 ស្នេហ៏តែឆោមឆាយគ្មានថ្មីឡើយ។


គិតហើយគិតទៀតចង់សួរស្រី           ក្រែងស្រស់ពិសីមានគេហើយ

អង្គុយសំកុកចាំចម្លើយ                      ចាំដោយបេះដូងលោតដុកដាក់។


ចាំស្រីយូរហើយមិនវាចា                      ឬស្រីគិតថាខុសវណ្ណ:

ទើបដឹងថាស្រីជាចម្លាក់                   ដែលគេបានឆ្លាក់សម្រាប់តាំង។

Engineering Stand

Engineering Stand is a class that introduces students in different types and steps that engineers do. In class, we had a project of “Real world engineering examples/design process project comparison” In this project, we research different types of engineering and had to come up with a project in that types and use the design process for the project. The project could be our own project that we had or a project that had done. We do this so we can open our mind up to different types and change the perspective of engineering. Another assignment that we did was to write a biography of a famous person who went to university for engineering. I did some research and found out about Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. I found some interesting fact about his man and I got inspired by his hard-work and passionate about what he loves.

Here is Neil Armstrong biography I wrote:


Neil Armstrong is an engineer and becomes the first person to step on the moon. He was born on August 5, 1930, in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Neil Armstrong is the oldest child in the family.

When Neil Armstrong was little, his father took him to an Air Show, where plane race across the sky. From that moment that Neil Armstrong saw the plane, he fall in love with the plane and always wanted to fly airplanes by himself. So he wanted to be a pilot. When Neil Armstrong was 14, he took a flight lesson for 2 years and he got the pilot’s licenses for it. Which mean he could fly a plane by himself. He loves designing different models of airplanes and tests it at his house.

At the same time, Neil Armstrong loves learning about space and wondering what is out there in the sky. Neil Armstrong is a hard-working student and has the curiosity to learn new thing in space, he usually used a telescope to see star and planet in space. Neil Armstrong went to college for an engineer.

After that, he got his first job as a fighter pilot during a war. He had to fly a plane called Aircraft, Neil Armstrong flew about 78 missions during that war. One of that mission, his plane got shot and he had to parachute his way to survive. After the war, he becomes a test pilot, where he had to test new planes by flying to make sure that these plane are safe for other, dangerous job.

To further out his dream about space and planes, he decided to become an astronaut as a pilot that fly to space. Neil Armstrong got pick to be a pilot to fly a spaceship the moon. He flew the spaceship and landed it safely and Neil Armstrong the person ever to step on the moon. Million and millions of people were watching the trip from Earth as he steps on the moon and put an American flag on it. Neil Armstrong’s footprints are still on the moon today because on the moon there is no wind to erase or to cover them.

After the mission, he becomes an administrator for Aeronautics at NASA headquarters. He resigned from NASA in 1971. Then he became a professor in engineering at the University of Cincinnati. His mission is still in everyone head and proud of him, and he won so many awards in his life. Neil Armstrong is a hard working person and had to go through challenges to succeed in his life.

Sadly, he died with legacy on August 25, 2012, at the age of 82 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Neil Armstrong is so passionate about his work and his dream. He was determined because he works hard in school as well as the university to achieve his dream. Even though he almost died once from the war, he is still determined to do and further his career.  Neil Armstrong is such a hardworking person with his dream that he would do whatever it takes no matter how hard he had to work and how risky his job was. He is so passionate about his job because of he when he was a pilot he always designed new method to fly planes at his own in his own time. Neil Armstrong life is so inspirational with his determination, hardworking, passionate, and the success that he had inspired so many to chase their dream and not give on their dream even though how big the dream is/are.

Practice for SAT in Math Class

In math class, we have done so much of SAT practice for our upcoming test. We mainly focus on math because it is the math class. We use Khanacademy as our main resources to practice. We have our independent time to figure out and try to improve on different sections that we struggle as an individual. If we have any questions, our math teacher is there for us. In the class, we also went over some additional topics in math that might show up in the SAT test like Circle Theorem, Angle Arc Length, trigonometry and more.  

Here is some of the practice of mine form Khanacademy:

Literacy Leadership Team Round 1

The round one of literacy when focus a lot of reading and leadership. We read children in an advanced way and show that children books could help so much in different ways. We come across reading this book called “The Rent-Collector” about the life of people living in a dump. We lead every discussion on the book the book read by our-self. We also learned about poems and we wrote poems about the book that we read. This is one of the poems that I wrote from a chapter of “The Rent-Collector”.


On the bus, Ki and Nisey sit next to Sang Ly.

Look at her left, look at her right, what does she see?

Strangers are everywhere.

Seeing all the classes of different people on the bus doesn’t seem fair.


She felt isolated from the one around her.

Awkwardness and risk just to get Nisey to feel better.

Embarrassment for the family because Nisey cried.

To calm him down is more than satisfied.


Thinking of it while placing him on the shoulder.

Reading a storybook about a tiger.

As she is reading with the book in her hand.

The strangers made her feel like she is surrounded by her friends.


Everyone on the bus was listening to her reading.

Reading makes her friends and calms her son from crying.

Their destiny about becomes.

But the storybook she read hasn’t done.


Her friends were not satisfied

Didn’t get to finish the book even she tried

Her friends would do anything her to finish the book

A businessman told the driver to wait is all it took.


She finished her book and hold Nisey in her arm

The smile from everyone after listening to her is a charm

Getting off the bus, happiness with her

Continuing her trip to find the HEALER.

Spreading awareness for Lacking of Nutrition in Cambodia

On the 28th to 30th of September, 2018, My team and I went on a mission of spreading the importance of nutrition in Cambodia. Since a lot of Cambodian don’t really know much about it so we want to share the knowledge of them for their own good as well as helping us spread the words. During the workshop I can tell the Villagers learned a lot of the workshop, they seem to engaged and asked questions. It was a little hard to hard with the villagers like sharing with them on what we learned, they never heard of the method of it. So it is hard for them to follow as well as understand us, but it will get easier as the workshop goes on. I learned some life listen to be patient with people and language to talk to them, we need to be respectful, at the same time trying to spread the information while sometimes they don’t really listen. Overall of the workshop, it went well and I am really proud that I am a part of the group to help Cambodia by this project.

An Inspirational Speech From An Engineer that Cycling From France to Cambodia

In August 2018, I sign up to listen to an inspirational speech from, Tony, an engineer that build a bamboo bike. Tony love bikes and had his own idea of making a bike from bamboo. He had research and with the engineering background, he manages to create one of his own. Even more impressive on that, he tests his creation by cycling from France to Cambodia. Tony gave Liger students a really powerful and inspirational speech to those who want to build or make a thing from their own idea and potentially turn it into bigger opportunities like a business.

HIV workshop for Mondulkiri

On March 2018, I was in a cool and interesting class of learning about HIV. The topic of HIV is typically a new concept for Cambodia. The discrimination toward these people who are HIV positive is awful. The topic itself is a complex topic to understand and we tried to spread the awareness of this issue to Cambodian. After 7 weeks, of learning about HIV. It is time for our group to take action to and make sure that we can spread this awareness to Cambodian.  We had one work on March as well in Mondulkiri. The workshop was so professional and a lot of students around Cambodia attend the workshop. There were professors and experts about topics that they were leading and we were the only session leader who is students lead.

It was a phenomenal experience, to lead a session that addresses a huge problem in Cambodia. Our session was quite different from other, we did a lot of discussions so participants could share ideas or their antidote to other comfortably and could potentially learn something. Every participant was really passionate so focused and asked a lot of great questions. The session wasn’t long, but we felt like we distributed what we want.

At the end of it, participants were asked to mark their goal to help to spread that information. We were very proud of our-self to see their goals and to see they can become a change agent in Cambodia.



My Khmer New Year Inspired Creative Writing

The time has come. Bob has been waiting for this moment for an entire year, its Khmer New Year. He joined a competition to buffalo race. The race started with many people that are attending and there are so many people are watching. Bob is a defending champion from the year. The race is about to start and his buffalo ran away from him. That buffalo ran so fast in a forest. Bob was so worried about his buffalo and about the race, he went in the forest and after 15 minutes he came back from the forest with no buffalo. The race started in 3 minutes, and he said down with his head down like he is giving up on finding his buffalo and about to cancel his race. Suddenly a pair of buffalo came out of the forest, and one of them is Bob’s buffalo. The buffalo ran into the forest because he saw his wife from far away, and haven’t met each other for 5 years since Bob bought his buffalo. Bob and his buffalo was so happy and had the courage to race. The race started and Bob buffalo was so fast that none of other can even compete. Bob won again this year with his buffalo in the year of 2018.


This story was inspired by a guy that dresses up in a funny looking, who join a race with his buffalo. He seems like a cool an interesting guy, he made everyone smiles and made the race more interesting and fun.