Minister Day

On 1/12/2016 is the special day of Liger. There are 50 top people from ministry of education. I was felt scared when I saw many people, but I try my best to present because me and my friends are represent our school to them. It is a really special for Liger because dotor Hang Chuon Naron want to our school and how Liger work. I was present on how we got Liger students. After that we played some game that we use with students with them. It was so fun to see them played with us. On networking game first I felt scared to talk with them but Bong Mary told me to be brave. So I decide to to and talk after that I realize that they were excited to be here too. We were present to 6 group after my group present Rithy and I take the group that with me to steam class. It was fun and there are many thing I like about that day. People who coming they make me feel confortable to present and they were funny. For I like to talk with people who be friendly and be funny to me. After we finish with them I was so tired and hungry because we have lunch at 1:30 pm, but I like it.


Changing Cambodia 2014-2015

Problem In Cambodia
The problem in Cambodia that I see a lot is about the education. When I mean about education is about the environment,school. The environment it the people in cambodia just throwing the rubbish all around the place. It look not really good to me. Also plastic it really bad to people and trees also animals. Also people they don’t know how to reuse, reduce and recycle the plastic. I see in Cambodia people just throwing the plastic around so I want to show them about the problem about that. Also I want to show Cambodian people to learn how to reduce reuse and recycle the plastic. So that can make our environment better than before. I really want Cambodian people to about plastic so they can help our country and their family.Plastic it take long time to destroy. Plastic have a lot of chemicals it can make people sick or die by the plastic.
The problem about school is some school in Cambodia they don’t have enough supply like table, book in the library etc. Also about the students they don’t have a lot of supply for their learn so they can’t study really well. About the teacher the teacher don’t have enough salary to feed their family so they not really focus on what they teaching. If the teacher not focus to their teaching lesson so the students they don’t have enough education. Other problem is about their family. The kids they want to go to school but their family not let the kids go to school and let the kids help their family work like house work etc. SO the kids they don’t have enough time for their study and then they will don’t have enough education so they will have really time in the future.
The is the problem that I see the most in Cambodia.

I want to change people’s perspective to help change Cambodia in the good way. Very single people in Cambodia also can help CHANGE CAMBODIA.

What I change Cambodia?

I have change Cambodia a lot by teaching, helping student learn in Takhmao. I help and share the information that I learn from the class Crisis I went to the school and show the students about what I have learn. I change Cambodia by teaching students like in Cambodia we have a lot of crisis so I want to show them to protect them safe from the the crisis that it can happen. Also not just crisis I also teach about natural Disaster in Cambodia and all around the world. I show them because I want to help Cambodian people to know how to protect them safe from getting that natural disaster. In Cambodia the problem that we have a the most is flooding. I learn a lot about flooding so I want to share the information that I had learn to the student in Cambodia also. When do I mean is Cambodia have a lot of flood so I teach them when we have flood what can we before and after the flood. Also not just teach about flood I teach more information like Volcano, lightning etc.
I have change Cambodia by tell the kids in my province (where I live) to don’t throw the rubbish all around the place. I know that it hard for the kids to do but I try to help. Some of the kids they try to help but some they don’t. It really hard to change the people that older than you because when we tell them they alway said you just the kids I am older than you I know what I need to do. When I ask them when we throw rubbish around is it good?. All the people that I ask said not good they know that is not good but they not practice. They know what they can do to help Cambodia about plastic but they not practic. SO I think I should tell the kids and it work!!!!. Some of the people that I tell them about the plastic some they practice but some not. Last holiday I went to my province and I don’t see a lot of rubbish around so I feel that I also can help change Cambodia also. Than I started to share with them and show them how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. And all of my family member all practice it. This year I feel I change Cambodia by teaching, and share the thing that I learn to Cambodia people not just old people but the kids and I also help clearing too.

Changing Cambodia 2013-2014

This how I write when since 2013-2014

I change Cambodia by I am in Forest ecology and I learn about forest in Cambodia also about the people that logging. I help Cambodia because I can make the blog and shear to the all people in Cambodia. So I can tell the people don’t logging because forest the tree is so important to us. That is I can help Cambodia and people in Cambodia by take care the thing that we have. Why I say this is I help Cambodia because some people in Cambodia they logging for the money. They think it good for them and their family but they not think about the future. When Cambodia have a lot of people logging so the forest will not have any more in Cambodia. And forest is so important to people and animals it have a lot of benefit. Another thing that I can help Cambodia is I do shearation and a lot of people come and I tell them a lot of information that I learn and the thing can help Cambodia. When I do shearation I show the people that come a lot so they can help Cambodia by using our strategies to help. Ex: When I show them about forest and tell about benefit of forest than they will know how forest important and they will help us too.

Wilson Learning System

Name of Course – Wilson
Learning Facilitator: Caroline

Course Description: A sequential, syllable-based phonics program that builds students’ decoding and encoding skills through a specialized system of lessons and steps. Students master one component before moving on to the next, integrating each concept entirely.

Improve My Reading


Exploration name: Ecotourism

Exploration dates: August 13-October 3, 2014

Number of students: 13

Essential questions:

(1) What is ecotourism?

(2) How can ecotourism help change our country?

Ecotourism means to travel to natural areas that protect environment and help people life at location became better. Ecotourism was also about helping to preserve the environment. Our ecotourism group went to Chi Phat to study about the ecotourism in Chi Phat. Also we learned about how ecotourism in Chi Phat are different from other ecotourism sites. Our big goal when we went to Chi Phat was to interview as many people as possible. We interviewed different people to get different answers and all the people had different perspectives. After we interviewed a lot of people we came back and studied about the information we found some areas of concern. Our group made a recommendation to Chi Phat community about the areas of concern. Some areas of concern are education, transportation, marketing, collaboration, and energy. After we finished we will send it to Martin and Prom Hong, the CBET (Community Based Ecotourism Site) directors.

Liger New Station

Name of Course: Liger TV Station

Learning Facilitator:  Sophorn

Number of Students: 12

Dates: May 15-June 17

Course Description: In our Exploration class we have learned about plastics and also we learned how to become TV reporters. We also had a lot of trips because we wanted to know more information about plastics. For example we went to BKKM (Boeung Keng Kong Market), City mall, Cintri and the Ministry of Environment. The reasons why we went on the trips were because we wanted to know how the people use the plastics each day. We wanted to compare which market uses a lot of plastics. When we went on the trip we also interviewed the sellers and the buyers about the plastics. The questions that we asked them were important for us and they also told us a lot of information that they knew. When we went to the Cintri we can know how they work. Cintri has one important idea like how to help the environment. They told us that if we wanted the people to follow us like they use less plastics it needs to start from you. Then when they see us do that they will do too. In class we also learned about plastics and we made the TV channel about plastic so other people can know how bad the plastics are and the problems to the environment and animals, when there are plastics a lot. So our group did the presentation to the people in the community that is near our school. Some people they nearly cry because they know about it and never hear the children can know a lot of information about plastics. When we were in class we divided it in the groups, some people wrote the reflection when we came back from the trip and put it in the blog and some people edited the video. Some time when we went to trip like go to BKKM we went with other groups that learn about plastics, so can share our ideas and some people they can get new ideas.


Anatomy Description

Name of Course: Anatomy 3

Learning Facilitator: Jo

Number of Students:10 students

Days we meet: Thursday and Friday

Advanced Enrichment Dates: Session 3 Oct. 20 – Jan. 16

Course Description: In Anatomy class we learned about Excretory System (kidney & bladder), Muscular System (muscles) and Skin. Also we all made one presentation each to share in our class and it was about what we learned in the whole Anatomy class. We spent two weeks to do that presentation. That worked really well and everyone wrote a lot of things. We also learned about other things too. One day we learned how to use the microscope. We took fingernails or hair to practice on microscope. We tried to put any things strange like saliva and it was very surprised for us because it looked like two different things. We had some games to play and it was about muscles because we wanted to know more about different types of muscles and how to protect that muscles and to make it stronger. The muscle is help us move. Our body has 360 muscles. We also learned about skin. The skin is the largest organ in human’s body. It weighs about 5 kg andit has three layers. When the end of our class we did a test about what we had been learning before.

Khmer History Description

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Name of Course: Advanced Khmer History

Learning Facilitator: Darath

Number of Students: 10

Dates: Oct. 20 – Jan. 16

Days we Meet: Monday and Tuesday

Description: In Liger we learned about Khmer History. We like to learn Khmer History because it talks about Khmer Rouge. Khmer Rouge was the one story that we remember all the time and it very sad for Cambodian peopleto hear all those things. Before we started to learn about Khmer Rouge teacher divided us into two groups. One group had to write about what we know about Khmer Rouge and one more group had to write about what we wanted to know more about Khmer Rouge. When we wrote maybe 10-15 minutes we switched each other. Thing that we wanted to know was how many people were killed during Khmer Rouge and thing that we know is Khmer Rouge kill the people who have knowledge and the people that have a good life because they don’t want the good people to come against them. After one day we  picked a partner and did research about Khmer Rouge. Teacher said to us you need to pick lucky draw. It means he wrotethe questions on the paper and tell us to pick. My team picked “How was the process of education, health, economics, religion and international relations after victory of Khmer Rouge?” So when we had that question we needed to do research and write on the paper to make a post. When some words were hard for us to understand we asked friends or teacher. We wrote the hard words on the paper and explained to make other people understand too. At the end of the class we shared our research and what we learned in class. We did the research by website Wikipedia, and the information from teacher that he gave us a recording voice from radio. We did that until we finished and we can do presentation to our friends and teacher. We learned Khmer Rouge told the people to work for them and who not work for them they will kill the people. But when they kill the people they not said you come here I want to kill you, they said come on I take you go to learn. So when Khmer people thought that now I can learn now but when they go other people never saw the people that went to learn come back. Also Khmer Rouge killed teachers, doctors because they didn’t want the people to have knowledge. But some people that good and had knowledge are still alive now because they hid their identity so no one knew. The religion is that Khmer Rouge tell Cham people to eat pork. So Cham people hard to eat because it is wrong with their religion. The relationship of Khmer Rouge is they had with China, North Korea, Egypt, Albania, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam (until December 1977), Romania and Yugoslavia. China is the main backer of Khmer Rouge. Then we began to learn more about Khmer Rouge. When we were in class we learned about the process of Khmer Rouge beginning. The beginning of Khmer Rouge was called Communist Party Cambodia (CPK). They started at 1940. When Lon Nol had the relationship with America he told that country to put the bomb so when Khmer people saw their family die or lost the member so they very angry. When CPK saw that they told the people to join their party to against with Lon Nol for helping Sihanouk. CPK said that because the people like Sihanouk so they will join CPK to help Sihanouk. When CPK had a lots of people in their party they began to go against with Lon Nol and America by the Scholars that support from Vietnam and the Cambodian people too. Also the leader of CPK named Salat Sor. So when CPK won the people wanted to join and work for CPK. When 17, April,1975 the CPK are successful. So Sihanouk named them Khmer Rouge. After the Khmer Rouge won the people in Cambodia had no more food, no more clothes, no more family because Khmer Rouge evacuated their family to another place and made them​ separate. Khmer Rouge wanted to kill the people by accuse them like ex: people not pick the fruit from the tree but they accuse you pick the fruit and then they take that person to kill. One more thing is that they told the girl and the boy meet together and said you need to love this guy. So people needed to do what the Khmer Rouge said. three years, eight months, 20 days have three people help the Cambodian to have a freedom. Their names were Hun Sen, Heng Samrin, and Chea Sim. They supported by Vietnam. So after that Khmer have a better life and no more pressure and have a freedom.


Biography Description

Exploration Name: Biography

Exploration Dates: August 12-September 26

Essential Questions:

(1) What is a biography? (2) What events have shaped this person’s life?

Number of Students: 13

Description: The first day that we started to learn our Exploration everyone was very excited. Our Exploration studied with teacher Jo, Sambath and Channa. Our Exploration learned about Biography. Biography is studying about the other person’s life. Biography group worked together and shared ideas that we had. For example: we went on a trip and searched the information in computer. When we interviewed we used the strategy to understand about the other person’s life​​ like listening strategy, asking questions and interviewing. We learned how to interview the people, by writing down the notes, how to be a good photographer and a good questionnaire. When we interviewed the people already we not just write down notes in our book. We also learned to make a documentary in the iMovie program. Some people worked on the information that they got too but they did it in Powerpoint program. The reason we wanted to do like this because in the future if we forget what we have we can look in the documentary of the other people life. The people that we interviewed were:Sophal’s uncle (the older person and now he does not do anything because his leg is hurt), Sophal’s sister-in-law (now she not do anything but she works at her house), Sophal  (works in Liger cleaning the school), Simian (works in Liger cleaning the school) and Houy (also works at cleaning Liger too). We had many different people that we interviewed but we only give example some of the people. We took the trip to go to the pagoda near our school to interview the monks in that pagoda. It was so fun for the Biography group. Our group studied only six weeks. Every day during Exploration time the students worked hard and studied new things a lot. In this Exploration all of the students are not lazy, they are active and helpful. We all were really happy to study about biography and now help us have a knowledge and a lot of the experience that we thought.