Math(Statistic) 2017-2018

In August 2017, I started a class of SAT Prep. This class teaches by Jeff, we basically preparing for SAT test. I didn’t a pretest of the SAT in Khanacademy. This class hard and stressful that is why we try to prepare for the actual test. It is the hardest math class I ever have taken throw out my life and this is a college class plus it a second language for me so the vocabulary is super hard to understand. So in this class, I learned to read and analyze different types of a graph like bar-graph, histogram, stemplot and scatter plot.


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Currently, I am learning about correlation and regression line to analyze the data and the relationship between two variables in a data. Also, I am learning about the prediction line and the real outcome of the data.


Game Design


Game Design is a project that my group created a board game. This board game is special from the other board game, the board game mainly focuses on Cambodia curriculum. What this board game does is it helps students in Cambodia to learn the different way from usual, but we’re not trying to change how the whole curriculum system. So, this board game it about Climate Change Problem, building solutions in Cambodia to reduce CO2 in Cambodia is the way to win the game. To build solutions the players need to answer questions from their curriculum to earn point to build the solution to help Cambodia reduce CO2. This game basically helps students to review their lessons, makes new friends, release stress from just sitting down and listen to teacher speaks. Most of the government schools in Cambodia, students sat down and listen to the teacher and took notes the hold time and it keeps of stressful and might get bored out of that. We went to a school in Phnom Penh and most of the students seem like they are enjoying this board game that Liger students created it. It seems like a board game is new to Cambodian students so it should be an interesting and new experience for the students. We hope students in Cambodia learn new experience from the game and make the game fun and learn at the same time. So this board game design is to help students so much that the next group would produce this board game to 100 schools in Cambodia.

Entrepreneurship round 2 Chilisuace

-Rathanak Sovann
In our class we want to learn about business and we found out that the best way to learn about business is to start a business. We try to learn many thing to create business we learn the steps to create business. While we learn about business we also make a business about chili sauce. We divide our team into three team. Production/Budget, Market/research, Marketing/Advertising. I am working on Production/Budget team. We try to find a way to save our school money. We has an ideas to grow our own chili, but it not work because of the time. We make our chili sauce five times already. I learn many time in this project. Also many thing about business plan.

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