Preventative Health

My reflection is to share what I learned to other students to help themselves with the health problem. I wanted everyone in Cambodia to be healthy. I wanted to share with Cambodian students because I also one of them. I never know about health care before I learned about it. Before I learned about health care I don’t care about my health at all I just eat the food that I like. But I understand more about the health problem in Cambodia. After I learned about it, I wanted to share my knowledge to other. My team went to Koh Rong and I went to two communities to share our knowledge with other students. We teach the students in Koh Rong hopping them to share with their family to make their community healthier. This what I have helped my country in this seven weeks. It doesn’t look much but, it means a lot to me because I help students in my country to be healthier. After all the hard work that we’re done we went explore marine ecosystem. We went snorkeling and buddy diving with two excerpts(Filippo and Sam). It was my best day of my life, I saw very crazy things in the ocean that I been dreaming to see before! I saw seahorse, starfish, beautiful fish and crazy organism in the ocean that I never saw it before. It was a really great experience for me to learn and to help my country by sharing what I know to other people and learned about marine ecosystem.











Change Agent

In this Project we try to interview change agent around the or in Cambodia. WE interview many change agent around the world and they really nice. We take the information to share to people in Cambodia to help them for their future we somebody need it to become a change agent in Cambodia or be a young business person. We’re not just interview and share to Cambodia we also learned from it. When we interview I learn a lot from the videos. Many change agent they gave us really good suggestion so I also be a change agent myself to change my country. It a really great opportunity for me to learn new skill that can help me and my country.
We had Youtube Channel and Facebook page.
Youtube: Change Agent
Facebook: Change Agent

Youtube Cange agent


I interview Peter Dilworth. He is one of the founder for 3Doodler. Peter give me a really good suggestion for me to share to my team and my country.

123D Design – Product

In 3D Design class we try to help the students in Cambodia to use the computers. 150 school in Cambodia have computers lab but they only learn typing from it. So the minister of education in Cambodia want to team to teach them about 3D design so they have a better view with with computers and it might help their future or Cambodia because of 3D design.We thought that the really great opportunity for us the help Cambodia and to improve our skill because when we teach other people we also learn like experience so it good for use and we must choose to do it. We have three programs to use Blender, 123d design and Free Cad. First we choose to work on 123D design. We have a lesson to teach some students in one school. As the life in change so we have to be flexible and 123D design have a problem with the computer that they have so we now work on Free Cad. Our team come up many solution to help them but we only use one of them, it’s the tutorial videos about how to use tools in 3D design.

I learn by my self in 3D class. It took me 45 minutes




Singapore trip (Robotic)

Our exploration is FLL robotics. Our team name LLC Cambot (Liger Learning Center Cambodia Robot). There are five of students in the exploration and four mentors. Our mentors taught us how to program and build the robot the compete the robot challenge game in 2 minutes 30 seconds. Also our group are working on the project which is about waste. Our team choose plastic bag to be our topic for the waste because in Cambodia there are many people consume plastic bag everyday. We also made a book to teach the kid how to reduce plastic bag. We all went to Singapore to do the robot competition and presented to the judge about our project.

IMG_20160305_075647 - Copy


IMG_20160305_075652 - Copy




IMG_20160306_172134 - Copy

IMG_20160306_172430 - Copy


Entrepreneurship round 2 Chilisuace

-Rathanak Sovann
In our class we want to learn about business and we found out that the best way to learn about business is to start a business. We try to learn many thing to create business we learn the steps to create business. While we learn about business we also make a business about chili sauce. We divide our team into three team. Production/Budget, Market/research, Marketing/Advertising. I am working on Production/Budget team. We try to find a way to save our school money. We has an ideas to grow our own chili, but it not work because of the time. We make our chili sauce five times already. I learn many time in this project. Also many thing about business plan.

Chilisuace blog






Exploration name: Ecotourism

Exploration dates: August 13-October 3, 2014

Number of students: 13

Essential questions:

(1) What is ecotourism?

(2) How can ecotourism help change our country?

Ecotourism means to travel to natural areas that protect environment and help people life at location became better. Ecotourism was also about helping to preserve the environment. Our ecotourism group went to Chi Phat to study about the ecotourism in Chi Phat. Also we learned about how ecotourism in Chi Phat are different from other ecotourism sites. Our big goal when we went to Chi Phat was to interview as many people as possible. We interviewed different people to get different answers and all the people had different perspectives. After we interviewed a lot of people we came back and studied about the information we found some areas of concern. Our group made a recommendation to Chi Phat community about the areas of concern. Some areas of concern are education, transportation, marketing, collaboration, and energy. After we finished we will send it to Martin and Prom Hong, the CBET (Community Based Ecotourism Site) directors.

Liger New Station

Name of Course: Liger TV Station

Learning Facilitator:  Sophorn

Number of Students: 12

Dates: May 15-June 17

Course Description: In our Exploration class we have learned about plastics and also we learned how to become TV reporters. We also had a lot of trips because we wanted to know more information about plastics. For example we went to BKKM (Boeung Keng Kong Market), City mall, Cintri and the Ministry of Environment. The reasons why we went on the trips were because we wanted to know how the people use the plastics each day. We wanted to compare which market uses a lot of plastics. When we went on the trip we also interviewed the sellers and the buyers about the plastics. The questions that we asked them were important for us and they also told us a lot of information that they knew. When we went to the Cintri we can know how they work. Cintri has one important idea like how to help the environment. They told us that if we wanted the people to follow us like they use less plastics it needs to start from you. Then when they see us do that they will do too. In class we also learned about plastics and we made the TV channel about plastic so other people can know how bad the plastics are and the problems to the environment and animals, when there are plastics a lot. So our group did the presentation to the people in the community that is near our school. Some people they nearly cry because they know about it and never hear the children can know a lot of information about plastics. When we were in class we divided it in the groups, some people wrote the reflection when we came back from the trip and put it in the blog and some people edited the video. Some time when we went to trip like go to BKKM we went with other groups that learn about plastics, so can share our ideas and some people they can get new ideas.


Biography Description

Exploration Name: Biography

Exploration Dates: August 12-September 26

Essential Questions:

(1) What is a biography? (2) What events have shaped this person’s life?

Number of Students: 13

Description: The first day that we started to learn our Exploration everyone was very excited. Our Exploration studied with teacher Jo, Sambath and Channa. Our Exploration learned about Biography. Biography is studying about the other person’s life. Biography group worked together and shared ideas that we had. For example: we went on a trip and searched the information in computer. When we interviewed we used the strategy to understand about the other person’s life​​ like listening strategy, asking questions and interviewing. We learned how to interview the people, by writing down the notes, how to be a good photographer and a good questionnaire. When we interviewed the people already we not just write down notes in our book. We also learned to make a documentary in the iMovie program. Some people worked on the information that they got too but they did it in Powerpoint program. The reason we wanted to do like this because in the future if we forget what we have we can look in the documentary of the other people life. The people that we interviewed were:Sophal’s uncle (the older person and now he does not do anything because his leg is hurt), Sophal’s sister-in-law (now she not do anything but she works at her house), Sophal  (works in Liger cleaning the school), Simian (works in Liger cleaning the school) and Houy (also works at cleaning Liger too). We had many different people that we interviewed but we only give example some of the people. We took the trip to go to the pagoda near our school to interview the monks in that pagoda. It was so fun for the Biography group. Our group studied only six weeks. Every day during Exploration time the students worked hard and studied new things a lot. In this Exploration all of the students are not lazy, they are active and helpful. We all were really happy to study about biography and now help us have a knowledge and a lot of the experience that we thought.

VaPAC Description

Exploration Name: VaPAC

Exploration Dates: Jan 20 to Mar 7

Number of students: 12 students


My group name is VaPAC. It stands for Visual and Performing Arts Cambodia. Our group areas are trip, sign language and mask-making. First I want to talk about the trip. Our group trip was going to Kampot Province. We went there to learn about the Cambodian arts and the disabled people. When we went there we knew that the disabled people can communicate by using sign language. Sign language is so important for the disabled people. We also learned some sign language too. The disabled people can do arts too. They do it by using movement. The next area is mask-making. Our group made the own mask. The mask is made by the paper. It took a lot of time to make one mask. When we finished doing the mask-making we designed what it will look like. The design can be used for performing. It also can be used for sale and hang it on the wall. Our goal was to make the story and do it by using the movement. When we do the movement we can’t say anything.

Forest Ecology Description

IMG_0871 IMG_0484IMG_0479

Exploration Name: Forest Ecology

Exploration Dates: Oct 7, 2013 – Nov 19, 2013

Number of students: 12

Essential Questions: (1) What is an ecosystem? (2) What is a natural resource?

Description: An ecosystem is the living things and the non-living things connecting with each other. The one example is algae. Algae take the sunlight for food and fish eat algae and then people eat fish. This is one connection. In Ecosystems class we had a journey book to take notes or write keywords that we don’t know what that word means. In Ecology class the first topic that we learned was tropical forest. We did not just learn only tropical forests but we also learned a lot of kinds of forests like conifers and others. A tropical forest is the forest that has rain a lot all year. We also learned about ecological relationships. Ecological relationships mean that one organism and another organism connect with each other. Ecological relationships are divided in five parts. They are parasitism, commensalism, predator-prey, mutualism and competition. Our Ecology group went to Mondulkiri province to study there. We spent six days at Mondolkiri. We met a lot of people like Bunong people. On Saturday we came back to our school and we shared what we learned.