Solar Pi

Solar Pi is a project that implements Pi-computer to Cambodia government schools. The Pi-computer run by solar because we want to have it in the rural area that can’t access technology, especially computer. We got sponsored for some computer to put out in the school. We teach students to use basic computer skills by making tutorials in videos to guide them. The school name Chous, located in Takeo, Cambodia. Since summer break just ended we had to go and check up what is going for the students. Our team went to the school on September 18th in order to make updates and prepare for the start of the next school year in November. We checked to see if there were any technical problems or broken equipment to replace during the observation. By the end of our visit, we got to talk with the school director. The school director suggested us to open up this opportunity to other students who are interested in learning English and computer. We are still working with the director.


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