Literacy Leadership Team Round 1

The round one of literacy when focus a lot of reading and leadership. We read children in an advanced way and show that children books could help so much in different ways. We come across reading this book called “The Rent-Collector” about the life of people living in a dump. We lead every discussion on the book the book read by our-self. We also learned about poems and we wrote poems about the book that we read. This is one of the poems that I wrote from a chapter of “The Rent-Collector”.


On the bus, Ki and Nisey sit next to Sang Ly.

Look at her left, look at her right, what does she see?

Strangers are everywhere.

Seeing all the classes of different people on the bus doesn’t seem fair.


She felt isolated from the one around her.

Awkwardness and risk just to get Nisey to feel better.

Embarrassment for the family because Nisey cried.

To calm him down is more than satisfied.


Thinking of it while placing him on the shoulder.

Reading a storybook about a tiger.

As she is reading with the book in her hand.

The strangers made her feel like she is surrounded by her friends.


Everyone on the bus was listening to her reading.

Reading makes her friends and calms her son from crying.

Their destiny about becomes.

But the storybook she read hasn’t done.


Her friends were not satisfied

Didn’t get to finish the book even she tried

Her friends would do anything her to finish the book

A businessman told the driver to wait is all it took.


She finished her book and hold Nisey in her arm

The smile from everyone after listening to her is a charm

Getting off the bus, happiness with her

Continuing her trip to find the HEALER.

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