Spreading awareness for Lacking of Nutrition in Cambodia

On the 28th to 30th of September, 2018, My team and I went on a mission of spreading the importance of nutrition in Cambodia. Since a lot of Cambodian don’t really know much about it so we want to share the knowledge of them for their own good as well as helping us spread the words. During the workshop I can tell the Villagers learned a lot of the workshop, they seem to engaged and asked questions. It was a little hard to hard with the villagers like sharing with them on what we learned, they never heard of the method of it. So it is hard for them to follow as well as understand us, but it will get easier as the workshop goes on. I learned some life listen to be patient with people and language to talk to them, we need to be respectful, at the same time trying to spread the information while sometimes they don’t really listen. Overall of the workshop, it went well and I am really proud that I am a part of the group to help Cambodia by this project.

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