HIV workshop for Mondulkiri

On March 2018, I was in a cool and interesting class of learning about HIV. The topic of HIV is typically a new concept for Cambodia. The discrimination toward these people who are HIV positive is awful. The topic itself is a complex topic to understand and we tried to spread the awareness of this issue to Cambodian. After 7 weeks, of learning about HIV. It is time for our group to take action to and make sure that we can spread this awareness to Cambodian.  We had one work on March as well in Mondulkiri. The workshop was so professional and a lot of students around Cambodia attend the workshop. There were professors and experts about topics that they were leading and we were the only session leader who is students lead.

It was a phenomenal experience, to lead a session that addresses a huge problem in Cambodia. Our session was quite different from other, we did a lot of discussions so participants could share ideas or their antidote to other comfortably and could potentially learn something. Every participant was really passionate so focused and asked a lot of great questions. The session wasn’t long, but we felt like we distributed what we want.

At the end of it, participants were asked to mark their goal to help to spread that information. We were very proud of our-self to see their goals and to see they can become a change agent in Cambodia.



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