Working with Khmer Sight Foundation

On November 2017, I participate in an event with Khmer Sight Foundation. Khmer foundation is an organization that goes around Cambodia to help old people who have a problem with their eyes. The event was in Prek They. What I did in the event are helping Khmer Sight Foundation organization to help test the vision for everyone went to the have their check. I worked with new people that I never talk and never meet before it was hard. I am with my partners was calling out numbers for eyes checking, we told the people who want their eyes check to follow our instructions, but it hard to work with some of them because some of them can’t hear very well and some just didn’t really listen to what we said. I get to learn more skill like talking to old people and make them feel comfortable to work with us so it makes the process easier. I learned to read some complicate numbers that used to check our eye. To see how many people were there, it was so amazing to see how I can help Cambodian people. In general, it was a really great experience to help and learn new skills in life.


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