Changing Cambodia 2015-2016

The things that I think should be change in Cambodia is Environment(trash, plastic using). The problem with trash people in cambodia just throwing the rubbish around and everywhere. It not good for the country because when the visitors come to Cambodia and they see the trash everywhere so they don’t want to come to Cambodia. If one visitor think like that they will tell their friends to not come to Cambodia. About the plastic in Cambodia, plastic it really bad to people and trees also animals. Also people they don’t know how to reuse, reduce and recycle the plastic. I see in Cambodia people just throwing the plastic around so I want to show them about the problem about that. Also I want to show Cambodian people to learn how to reduce reuse and recycle the plastic. So that can make our environment better than before. I really want Cambodian people to about plastic so they can help our country and their family.Plastic it take long time to destroy. Plastic have a lot of chemicals it can make people sick or die by the plastic.

I had told people by sharation in Liger and I explain about the problem that I think. I had told my
family and I wrote a book call”Say NO to Plastic Bags”. I think it a really good opportunity to share a about the problem in our country so we can make change to our country. When I explain about the problem and I try to give as many solutions that I have as I can.

I try to change in a small community by let’s them use cloth bags. Before we change the country we change our self first and It try to use cloth bags when I buy somethings. Also my team try to do like me too. I also try to reduce plastics that I use everyday. Sometimes when the seller give me so many plastic bags and more that what I need I told them to take it back.

In 3D Design class we try to help the students in Cambodia to use the computers. 150 school in Cambodia have computers lab but they only learn typing from it. So the minister of education in Cambodia want to team to teach them about 3D design so they have a better view with with computers and it might help their future or Cambodia because of 3D design.We thought that the really great opportunity for us the help Cambodia and to improve our skill because when we teach other people we also learn like experience so it good for use and we must choose to do it. We have three programs to use Blender, 123d design and Free Cad. First we choose to work on 123D design. We have a lesson to teach some students in one school. As the life in change so we have to be flexible and 123D design have a problem with the computer that they have so we now work on Free Cad. Our team come up many solution to help them but we only use one of them, it’s the tutorial videos about how to use tools in 3D design.

I have change Cambodia by tell the kids in my province (where I live) to don’t throw the rubbish all around the place. I know that it hard for the kids to do but I try to help. Some of the kids they try to help but some they don’t. It really hard to change the people that older than you because when we tell them they always said you just the kids I am older than you I know what I need to do. When I ask them when we throw rubbish around is it good?. All the people that I ask said not good they know that is not good but they not practice. They know what they can do to help Cambodia about plastic but they not practice. SO I think I should tell the kids and it work!!!!. Some of the people that I tell them about the plastic some they practice but some not. Last holiday I went to my province and I don’t see a lot of rubbish around so I feel that I also can help change Cambodia also. Than I started to share with them and show them how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. And all of my family member all practice it. This year I feel I change Cambodia by teaching, and share the thing that I learn to Cambodia people not just old people but the kids and I also help clearing too.

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