Independent Discovery- Recycle

Recycle Plastic in Cambodia- Rathanak

Project Goal
My goal in this project is to show Cambodian people to know about the problem in Cambodia about plastic. So my project about Recycle the plastic in Cambodia. I want to do this project because I see in Cambodia people just throwing the plastic around so I want to show them about the problem about that. Also I want to show Cambodian people to learn how to reduce reuse and recycle the plastic. So that can make our environment better than before. I really want Cambodian people to about plastic so they can help our country and their family.Plastic it take long time to destroy. Plastic have a lot of chemicals it can make people sick or die by the plastic. So the BIG goal for my project are to change Cambodian people thinking.
The activity I will do to change Cambodia people mime by teaching the student in government school. I do this because some of the old people when the kids like me tell them they will said I am the kids why they need to listen to me. Also when I teach Cambodian children some of them tell their parent to try to reduce reuse and recycle the plastic so it can help Cambodian people also can help their family. When the children get older they will tell their family or their kid about the plastic so when it long time we can have better environment in Cambodia. Also the big thing why I teach the student because when they were the kids their memory easy to remember and they can help Cambodia.
The activity I will do to change Cambodian people mime is to make the video and post on the TV so that many Cambodian people can in all around Cambodia.

Teacher Sophorn


When a lot of people in Cambodia see so that they also can help our environment in Cambodia also. On the TV we will create the thing that look interesting to the people that watching TV so they do not change the channel. So we have to create the thing that just look and see so interesting for them.

What I Prepare for?
I prepare for great 5 or 6
Resource for teaching
paper that we want to show
I try to create the lesson to teach the student by showing them the picture about our environment right now. Also we teach them how to Reduce the plastic in Cambodia. Show them the number of plastic in Cambodia everyday and other detail. Also at the end we will play some game with the students like question..etc. When we play the game like ask the question to the students so when can answer we can give them a small prices.

How to Make My Lesson Powerful
I will try to make somethings different from other people and interesting for the people. I will find away to make the students to focus on the lesson. Also try to make them know about the plastic in Cambodia.


Lesson plan
Making google presentation
About our project what we want to do?

fun talk
Ask some Questions
Play game

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