Changing Cambodia 2013-2014

This how I write when since 2013-2014

I change Cambodia by I am in Forest ecology and I learn about forest in Cambodia also about the people that logging. I help Cambodia because I can make the blog and shear to the all people in Cambodia. So I can tell the people don’t logging because forest the tree is so important to us. That is I can help Cambodia and people in Cambodia by take care the thing that we have. Why I say this is I help Cambodia because some people in Cambodia they logging for the money. They think it good for them and their family but they not think about the future. When Cambodia have a lot of people logging so the forest will not have any more in Cambodia. And forest is so important to people and animals it have a lot of benefit. Another thing that I can help Cambodia is I do shearation and a lot of people come and I tell them a lot of information that I learn and the thing can help Cambodia. When I do shearation I show the people that come a lot so they can help Cambodia by using our strategies to help. Ex: When I show them about forest and tell about benefit of forest than they will know how forest important and they will help us too.

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